« Le soleil de minuit en été, l’interminable nuit polaire teintant la neige de tons bleutés l’hiver, les troupeaux de rennes en vadrouille sur d’immenses étendues sauvages et les ondulations scintillantes des aurores boréales… La Laponie a quelque chose de magique, de fantasmagorique, d’irréel – et ça n’est probablement pas pour rien […]

Admirez les Aurores Boréales en Laponie depuis votre chambre d’hôtel

Scandinavie : L’avis du Guide Vert MICHELIN La Scandinavie, bien que située à la même latitude que l’Alaska, jouit d’un climat plus tempéré grâce au Gulf Stream qui réchauffe les vents venus de la mer. Même en plein hiver, les températures restent donc supportables et permettent toutes sortes d’activités comme […]

Guide de voyage Scandinavie – Le Guide Vert Michelin

Victoriadagen 2014! The King and Queen of Sweden and their Royal Highnesses Crown Princess Victoria And Prince Daniel will attend to the event in Borgholm at July 14 2014.

Victorias day celebration July 14

The official travel guide to Western Norway. A 360 bird's eye view of Fjord Norway : 360 panoramic pictures let you see the region as you have never seen it before. Fjord landscape in the summer sun, the dramatic Troll wall, the UNESCO fjords Nærøyfjord and Geirangerfjord, the famous Pulpit Rock, the fjord cities Ålesund and Stavanger and lots more.

Fjord Norway – the official guide to Western Norway

Mikko Järvenpää was looking for a smoke alarm for his house, and he found himself wondering why none of them seemed to be decorative. Why couldn’t something that important and wide-spread be beautiful as well?

Jalo Helsinki kills fire with style and Tom of Finland

Supercell and Angry Birds maker Rovio may grab most of the gaming headlines in Finland, but beyond those two hugely successful companies, there’s what some are calling a second boom in the country’s games industry. So when a new Finnish games studio founded by industry ‘veterans’ launches, it’s hard not to take notice.

Everywear Games Is A New Finnish Startup Building Games For ...

From Anders Celsius’s thermometer in the 1700s to Skype in 2003, Sweden has long been a country that breeds innovation. Here are ten innovations that, in very different ways, have changed the world –

10 innovations you didn’t know were Swedish

Source: www.travelinnovation.se Located in Sweden’s West Coast, Scandinavian Travel Innovation is a purveyor of top quality travel equipment.

Scandinavian Travel Innovation